In the heart of the regional park of Languedoc Roussillon, southern France, lies tranquility, mantra, and great intention to live close to nature and in harmony with it. Our aim is to live a simple, semi autonomous life, and to leave an imprint on the Earth consistant with our values...sustainability and a force to tread lightly.

LaBodhi Vie association is dedicated to health and well being, enhancing our relationship with Nature, and to spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness through Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion.

We believe that in silence much can be revealed to us, and so we have created a healing space and place to retreat, to renew and restore, to share and exchange, deep in the heart of the forest. 'Bodhi' a Sanskrit word meaning 'awaken', which is what we hope to share here with others....activities that help us do just that.


kirtan (or bhajan) is about accessing that inner peace that is ever present in all of us, but gets lost in the context of our busy modern day lives. It unifies us with a common purpose; It is a part of an ancient form of yoga known as Bhakti, or the yoga of love and devotion. We chant the Divine names, and in the process, are reminded of our own individual Divinity. Kirtan is a vehicle which allows our spirit to traverse the pain, negative and often obsessive thinking, and guides us gently into a state of joy and ecstasy, sharing this space with our community.

By repeating mantras, we train the mind, as in meditation, to come back to the present moment, and with increasing pace, we are transported to a place completely free of judgment, allowing us to let go.

The sanskrit word Kirtan can be translated into collective participation. The intention with kirtan is neither the voice or the music, but in fact the sharing and participation, which enables us to feel part of a community. To feel that we are not separate from others. Our sense of 'I' becomes less, as the sense of 'we' strengthens. Kirtan provides a healing at the deepest level of our consciousness. Contact only by email to know the upcoming dates.

Time for yourself" day

La Bodhivie invites you to the heart of a chestnut grove for a day of sharing, in joy and trust. A time to connect with nature and others.

One Sunday each month
10:30 am - 6 pm
Location : les Grifouillets, Premian (34)

The program of this event :

- Sacred chants, accompanied by the harmonium - in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions
- Movement - with music
- The silence (shanti)
- Shiatsu Workshop
- Surprise workshop
- We will end with a shared circle

An event once a month that will offer a change of activities each time.

A day to dare to be... confident with oneself and with others.

Participation 35 € (with the aim that it is accessible to all)

Places are limited, so reservations are mandatory...

Meal sharing.

We are so honored and inspired to host this event, to offer you a peaceful place.

For dates, check the Facebook page.

Looking forward to sharing this day with you !


Shiatsu literally means "finger pressure." It was developed in Japan as a harmonizing therapy to promote health and well being and has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu incorporates a range of useful techniques to apply pressure on the body to affect a therapeutic result. An holistic approach combining dietary and life style recommendations to optimize greater health and well being.

The aim is not to alleviate the immediate problem, but to determine and treat its cause. Shiatsu works by stimulating the circulation of blood and Qi, and aims to reduce and eliminate stagnation in the body which is the leading cause of stress and illness. By use of acupuncture points, meridian therapy, stretches and moxibustion we aim to produce an outcome of balance and harmony. It is both therapeutic as well as deeply relaxing.

The practitioner is only a tool for the body to heal itself, and will use light or strong pressure depending on the clients needs. A Hara diagnosis (abdomen) is also an important aspect of treatment and is highly emphasized in this form of body work. The use of Tibetan singing bowls is also used as a tool to assist the practitioner to obtain a deep sense of relaxation for the client.

1 hr - 50 € / 1.5 hr - 70 € by appointment

Hara diagnosis using
tibetan singing bowl. 1hr. 45 €

Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation or Meditative Sound Travel brings well-being and harmony. It is very easy to practice. It is a guided meditation using the property of therapeutic sounds to speed up the meditative process.

Sound Meditation helps develop happiness, enthusiasm, joy and self-control. It increases inner peace even in stressful situations, promotes the decline of negative emotions (depression, dissatisfaction, fear, anger) develops compassion, empathy and listening.

Sound meditation is very powerful and easy whether one is used to it or a beginner. It leads everyone to discover or reach another dimension of themselves.

These waves or vibrations come :

- to rebalance the functioning of the cells
- to put in motion and re-harmonize the energy centers and channels
- to lower the neurological activity
- to rebalance on the emotional level

Duration of session : 45 mins

Tarifs :
15 € minimum 9 participants
50 € per couple
Between 3-8 people 20 € per person


At LaBodhi vie, we aim to live alternatively and autonomously, and in doing so, requires effort, which we take full pleasure in doing. We offer an opportunity to come and experience an exchange/eco/woofing experience with us. Motivated to live an autonomous lifestyle, we take pride in organic gardening, alternative solutions where electricity and water are concerned, and where we can, foraging forest foods.

Autumn is particularly special here. Experience the magic of walking on a carpet of chestnuts, enjoy eating chestnuts grilled on the open fire, learn how to conserve and prepare meals using chestnuts, clean, pick up and meander through the orchard and enjoy the view and colors of Autumn...

An off the grid forest stay is a chance away from city stress and living. For those wishing to embark on an alternate off grid lifestyle, its an opportunity to discover first hand from long term offgridders, before embarking on your own journey.


BHAJANS CIRCLE (Requested participation 10 €)
The second monday of each month
15 rue de la côte pavée 34210 AZILLANET

Albi July 30th at 6:00 pm

Every 4th Wednesday of the month at centre "les Ursulines" 4 rue denfers Rochereau
11100 NARBONNE from 6pm to 8pm

Don't hesitate to contact us for reservation

Prémian August 14th at 10:30am - 6pm. (Mantras, meditation, shiatsu, movement workshop, shared meal)

Piegros la clastre (Drome) from September 2nd to 4th (Mantras, meditation, shiatsu, movement workshop, shared meal)
more info :

From September 9 to 11, 2022 at La Source in Ardèche: A heart-to-heart retreat between women

Please consult this page and my Facebook for future workshops and events. Labodhi vie is very happy to organise a customized kirtan event for you, within a radius of 100 kilometers.


Man, meaning mind or to think, and tra, meaning to protect. Therefore, mantra means to guide and protect the mind. A mantra becomes the object of concentration by aiding us to control the mind. By focussing on mantra we are less likely to focus on the relentless stream of thoughts that enter in our minds, often negative and often causing stress. By reciting mantra, we train our minds to come back to the present moment, and to rest in greater concentration.

Sanskrit is also known as Devanagari, or the language of the Gods. Sanskrit is not a foreign Indian language but an ancient universal language. The 50 letters of Sanskrit alphabet are based on the pure vibrations of our chakras.